Answers to Your Diamond Tool Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are provided below. If you have specific questions for us about who we are and what we can do for you, please give us a call at 317-293-2185.

1. Why should I work with Edge Technologies?

In short, the superiority of our services can be summed up in quality, expertise, and speed. We provide consistent, reliable smoothness for high precision diamond tools. Our extensive problem-solving skills allow us to partner with you to create effective custom tools. Our flexibility and hard work allow us to get your tools to you much more quickly than typical industry turn-around. See our Services page for more detailed information about what we offer.

2. Who uses Edge Technologies’ services?

Edge Technologies’ tools are regularly used in advanced research and development projects, prototyping, and defense and military optics. We serve industries that demand a high level of precision in diamond turning. Customers rely on us to create specialty tooling that other diamond tool manufacturers cannot produce. For more information on the industries we serve, see the Industries page.

3. What makes Edge Technologies’ custom tools superior?

Our custom tools are superior first of all because our diamond surfaces are smoothed at the atomic level, creating edges that are strong and continuous at better than 10,000x magnification. Additionally, with many years of experience in creating custom diamond tooling, we are able to apply our knowledge and problem-solving skills to create just the right tool for any situation. For a more detailed discussion of the advantages Edge Technologies offers, see our Benefits page.

4. How long does it take to get a custom tool from Edge Technologies?

Typical turn-around of custom tools is 2 weeks or less from start to finish or even quicker when needed.

5. What makes Edge Technologies’ resharpening services superior?

Our resharpening services utilize a proprietary chemical process which ensures more consistent performance. Superior smoothness achieved at the atomic level makes tools reliably smooth immediately, rather than requiring a break-in period like abrasively sharpened tools. Edge Technologies resharpens tools using an exact process which is the same every time, not subjective.

6. How long does it take to get a tool resharpened by Edge Technologies?

It usually takes 2 days for Edge Technologies to resharpen a diamond tool.

7. How many times can an Edge Technologies tool be resharpened?

Many of our tools have been resharpened 30 to 40 times without radius reduction even on conical clearance tooling. However, the lifespan of any individual diamond tool is completely dependent on the tool geometry and customer usage.

8. What smoothness is typical in custom tools or after resharpening of tools by Edge Technologies?

Edge Technologies’ tools are crafted with geometric precision to within 2 microinches (50.8 nanometers) trueness of waviness and better than 10 angstroms RMS surface finish. Our proprietary process chemically smooths diamond surfaces at the atomic level, creating edges that are sharp and continuous at better than 10,000x magnification.

9. What if I’d like to find out more information about the science behind Edge Technologies’ work?

If you are curious about the science of diamonds and diamond tooling, visit our Technology Center.