A Leader in Precision Diamond Tool Manufacturing

George Kim was an engineer and manager at RCA Corporation for nearly
a decade, working on diamond stylus development for the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc project. Having learned the difficulties of faceting diamonds abrasively, George recognized that one of the processes developed at RCA would offer a technological advancement in diamond tool manufacturing. He was able to acquire a license to utilize RCA’s patented technology for chemically machining diamond, and in 1983 George and his wife, Vada, founded Edge Technologies, Inc. (ETI).

Since its inception, Edge Technologies has been a small, family business that takes great pride in excellence. George and Vada have been retired for years, but ETI remains a family business with their daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, Andy, running the shop. Their son, Kieran, joined the team after some time in the U.S. Navy, adding a third generation of family to the company. Dennis and Scott are the other members of the team, and Emma and Kevin help out on a part-time basis.

ETI has continued to improve its tool making technology since 1983 and
remains a respected leader in precision diamond tool manufacturing.  Learn more about what we do and how we can help by visiting our Services and Benefits pages.