A Superior Diamond Tools Manufacturer

Edge Technologies provides superior services in creating custom high precision diamond tools and resharpening diamond tools. Our unique proprietary chemical finishing process, our extensive expertise in diamond tool creation, and our ability to get tools in our customers’ hands quickly give us an edge over our competitors.

A Unique Finishing Method Produces Unparalleled Smoothness

When precision counts, Edge Technologies delivers a superior cutting surface.  While most diamond tool edges are abrasively finished, we use a propriety process to chemically machine diamond edges. Our process smooths the diamond surface at the atomic level, creating edges that are strong and continuous at better than 10,000X magnification. Unlike tools that are abrasively finished, which generally have a break-in period, our tools are strong and reliable to use from the beginning.

Experience and Expertise to Create Custom Tool Solutions

Tools make life easier and enable us to accomplish amazing things and solve complex problems. Yet complex problems require precise tools which have been engineered with thought to each specific situation. Our team of custom tool experts has a breadth and depth of experience to design and produce effective custom diamond tool solutions.  If you know what you need, we can work from a sketch, a picture, or a verbal description. In cases where you are unsure exactly what you need, we can problem-solve with you to meet your goal. Our broad range of capabilities reaches beyond basic circular tools and includes the ability to create custom elliptical and parabolic tools as well as ball milling tools. We have worked on many extraordinary and unusual projects, engineered to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Speed and Flexibility Get Tools Quickly Into Your Hands

At Edge Technologies, we understand that often times a custom tool is needed quickly. Your project can’t always wait months for the required tool to be created. When you work with us, you can expect a typical turn-around time of less than 2 weeks rather than the 12 weeks which is average for some of our competitors. In a crunch, we are able to deliver in even more compacted timeframes. The right tool at the right time allows you to make your projects a success.